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The principals of Dean Evans have long served as the primary financial advisor to many individuals and families in Montreal.

That said, Dean Evans' paramount mission is to deliver a high standard investor experience by implementing client focused processes and by offering investment solutions that are transparent and that support the firms “core requirement” of placing client's interests first.

Today investors are faced with a multitude of challenges. Clients need new ways to meet their goals without compromising results. That's why it was time for us at Dean Evans to enhance the investment experience and offer our clients the best of both worlds. By combining all the benefits of the increasingly popular index ETFs with the comfort of F-series mutual funds, we can deliver low-cost index and multi-asset diversified portfolios tailored for the most conservative to the most growth-oriented investor.

Dean Evans continues to evolve. As an authorized dealer of RBC Global Asset Management, CI, Franklin-Templeton, AGF, Fidelity and Invesco, we bring to our clients peace of mind.

And under our “fair treatment” policy, our tiered fee schedule for each of our Investment Platforms ensures that all the clients with similar assets entrusted to our care are assessed the same fee schedule.


Unbiased Insight into Your Portfolio

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"Women and Investing"

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Develop your investment knowledge with market insights, economic trends and the latest strategies for your retirement money.

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